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Chaz P

I recently had the misfortune of taking my cat to the Woodburn Pet Hospital at 985 Evergreen Rd. to have a mass removed from her back leg. We had a similar surgery to remove a non-cancerous mass at a different clinic the year before so I figured I knew what to expect. When I picked up the cat after the surgery, I noticed the leg had been immobilized in a soft cast and was told the cat would quickly adapt to the cast. Upon arriving home and letting her out of her carrier, she attacked the cast every time she tried to walk. She would scream, howl, hiss, and bite the cast while spinning in circles. After a few hours I phoned the vet to ask if anything could be done and was again told the cat would be fine and if I was worried I could come by and get an Elizabethan collar. It was at that time, the cat fell asleep from exhaustion. 3 hours later she woke up and the mayhem restarted again. When I noticed part of the incision site was exposed and the stitches were tearing due to the constant attacking of the soft cast, I phoned the clinics emergency number at 10:30pm for help. The vet I spoke to, Patrick Paradis, said he wasn't concerned and I could bring the cat in the next morning. Knowing I couldn't keep this up all night, I cut the cast off. The cat instantly calmed. I brought her to an 24 hour pet clinic who repaired the incision with staples and gave me something for pain for the cat. The incision was cleaned and an E-collar applied. I'll never forgive myself for taking my cat to this horrible clinic.