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I interviewed three different local companies to replace my shake roof before deciding on Wood's Roofing. After consulting with each of the representatives I decided to go with a stone-coated steel roof. I got roughly the same answers and basically the same pricing from the three companies, but ultimately I chose Wood's for a few reasons. First, I felt Joe (the Wood's rep that helped me) really knew his stuff and took genuine pride in his work. He's clearly had a lot of experience in roofing and knows what makes for a quality job. Second, I didn't get the hard-sell vibe from Joe that I got from some of the other companies. He didn't try the whole "I can give you a discount but only if you sign the contract today" sale tactic. And lastly, the focus of their company was roofing- not a one-stop shop for any home improvements and one of them happens to be roofing. For something as important as a roof replacement, I liked knowing that this was the contractor's core competency.

During the installation, Joe was personally on site every day and even left notes when I wasn't home to make sure I still had a status/progress report. The installation went smoothly, everything was cleaned up afterwards, and he even repaired some minor wood damage they uncovered as part of the installation without charging me for it. The costs came in exactly as expected. The job was completed within the time-frame he expected and it looks fantastic.

I would highly recommend Wood's Roofing, particularly if you're planning on a full replacement.


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