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Welcome to a world of comfort, convenience, and sleep.

WÜL is a new line of bedding with our flagship product being a comforter made of 100% pure new wool fill that is machine-washable and hypoallergenic.

The benefit of sleeping under a WÜL comforter is that wool breathes, so hot sleepers stay comfy, yet cool sleepers stay warm.

Our wool is selected from a special breed of sheep whose fibers offer high resilience, density, and fine texture. This allows air to be trapped for warmth, but also allows moisture to escape, making WÜL superior to down and petrol-based synthetic fills. WÜL fibers have been treated with a patented method, which makes WÜL machine washable, gives it a comfortable loft, and renders it free of allergens.

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Jason C

WUL has the most amazing wool comforters! This is a must have for anyone with allergies who wants the best nights sleep ever! Check this place out, you won't be sorry!