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grace l

I moved to Indy in Dec 2012, and made an appointment to see a doctor at the Veteran Administration Medical Center. Straightaway the doctor prescribed medication to help with my issues. After taking the medicine for several months I went back to the doctor, and informed him that my issues were unresolved. The next course of action was a CT SCAN of my pelvic area—a teratoma mass was discovered. My doctor indicated; that was the reason I was having the pain and the overactive bladder. The mass was removed, but, the pain was unresolved and I was urinating every hour on the hour. Basically, he couldn’t isolate the problem, so he prescribed Morphine, Valium, Muscle relaxers and Ditropan. Taking the medicine made me sick and sleepy, and it was impacting my quality of life. In desperation for some relief; I Google holistic healing, and came across Dr. Yang’s website. I had no knowledge of acupuncture, but for me it was worth trying. I made an appointment, and after my second treatment, I began to feel better. To validate that the treatments were indeed working, I discontinued all medicines.

I have been programed to go to the doctor when I became ill—an alternative approach to treatment is something I didn’t consider. I’m not recommending that you stop consulting with your primary doctor, and I’m not recommending that you stop taking your medicines. I’m saying, we have choices, and we need to start exercising that right to choose. August 2013 I chose, I chose to get on the Internet and research, and I thank God that I came across Dr. Yang’s website. Thirty days later, I have minimum pain, the overactive bladder is a thing of the past, and I don’t take medicines. I’m on the road to healing as God intended…..Yippie! Junny