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Anytime HVAC Also Serves Charlestown, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany And Louisville Anytime HVAC LLP Maytag Heating and Cooling Authorized Dealer providing Service and Installation. Contact Anytime HVAC LLP by mail at 4404 Utica-Sellersburg Rd. Sellersburg, Indiana Serving customers in the Clark /Floyd County, Indiana area and with over 10 years’ experience, we provide installation, maintenance, furnace repairs, air conditioning repairs and all heating and cooling systems. Locally owned and operated, our licensed, and insured, technicians specialize in heating and cooling installation and repairs. Whether you need us in the blazing heat of the summer or the blustering cold of the winter, we will be available at your commercial or residential property when you need us. Anytime HVAC: An authorized Maytag heating and cooling dealer. We repair, service, and provide maintenance for all Heaters and Cooling makes and models. Air conditioner installation and repair of all brands. Commercial filter changes, units, and more. Installation and repair of all major brands. Best warranty in the business and we never charge for overtime! Custom Ductwork Repair and Replacement: We do that!! Duct leakage is generally measured as a percentage. For example, if you have 20% duct leakage this means that approximately 20% of the HOT or COLD air you are buying is being pushed OUT of the ducts and into the attic. Or, duct leakage can also mean you are SUCKING hot or cold attic air INTO the duct system on the return side of the air handler. On new High-Performance homes, professional energy auditors are usually shooting for less than 2-5% duct leakage. On older homes (especially with metal ducts) it is common to see duct leakage OVER 40%.

Anytime HVAC LLP
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