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J. Johnson Electric Inc.

I was impressed and pleased with Dale Johnson's installation of a new 200-amp service to accommodate going all-electric and eliminating natural gas. His work ensures that all code requirements are met. His work also looks neat and tidy. He also coordinated his work with the heat pump contractor to minimize disruptions and the time with no heat. I cannot conceive of anyone doing a better job.

KKC Business Phone Systems

KKC's Team is excellent! Our new phone system is reliable, easy to use, and has helped us maintain our customer service excellence. Everyone at KKC is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. They have excellent customer service and we are grateful to have their team ready to help us anytime we may need it.

PMQ Air Duct Cleaning

Our ducts were cleaned and sanitized to perfect. The staff was efficient and courteous, and they kept me informed throughout the procedure. The price was reasonable, and he was clear about how often I should get my ducts cleaned.

Xpress Loans 911

I have had a positive, respectful and professional experience. Everyone treats you as if you're family and are considerate of your time and purchase. Being treated as a person/human being and not a number is everything. The process is quick and simple. Staff is well informed and provide you the right information so that you make an informed decision when taking out a loan of any type. Thank you all for the work you do.

Xpress Loans 911

Its great to know these company out there that thinks highly about people's hardship - that's itself is great relief. I thank you all!

Affordable Shower doors Oklahoma

Affordable Shower Doors Oklahoma had done an amazing job in my two bathrooms. Their professionals are very kind, punctual, and efficient. I'am very happy with the results!

Affordable Shower doors Oklahoma

Some of our doors in the bathroom are broken, but Affordable Shower Doors Oklahoma had done an amazing job in my house. These guys made me so happy!


Good Services

Xpress Loans 911

I am always pleased and very satisfied with this service. These loans have excellent choices in terms, including monthly payments and interest rates. The Xpress Loans 911 always offer comfortable, reasonable and super flexible terms to my income. Thank you.

Xpress Loans 911

Great company to work with, Jeff Allen helped us secure the funding we needed, answered all of my questions and stayed on top of things every step of the way. I would do business with them again.

Master Seal

Outstanding workmanship and materials. They back up what they've done. They respond to queries. Very trustworthy business. We simply replace the windows and doors with them. Not cheap, but well worth it.

Affordable Shower doors Oklahoma

If you need to do any change to your appartment or property, you can be very sure that Affordable Shower Doors Oklahoma is the best option you can find in the US. I recommend this company without reservations

Affordable Shower doors Oklahoma

Affordable Shower Doors Oklahoma is a very good option for those who want to make any change to their bathrooms. I highly recommend this company.