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Garrett D

I was so skeptical before I contacted you guys, that's why I'm actually writing this. My expectations for this service were extremely high, due to the fact that I just didn't have a lot (any) of extra money to pay for this type of service.I researched your company, as well as many others, and one thing that I found is that nobody had a perfect track record of making every single client happy, but that's really to be expected as you can't always make everyone happy.

To make a long story, into a very short condensed version. You guys did an amazing job and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all that you've done for me. I'm hoping that by writing this it will help others make a decision on your services. I can now sleep at night knowing that when I go to work tomorrow I don't need to worry about if the IRS is just going to start taking my money again. You really do provide a valuable service and the service that you did provide to me was amazing. Most of all you didn't leave me in the dark. You kept in touch with me throughout and always kept things moving forward to resolve these issues.

Thank you