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Nicole S

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Before I came to this work as a Celebrant, I spent 15 years building, managing and selling 2 successful event planning companies in Redmond, WA. Prior to this, I was a television news anchor/reporter for five years in three markets and hold a B.A., in Journalism from Syracuse University, New York. In life, I have experienced great joy and great sorrow. I’ve had enough highs and lows in life to know better and a heart that is still optimistic and grateful. I am married to the love of my life and we live on Bainbridge Island with our “fur family” of four special needs dogs, all rescued from neglect/abuse. Greg and I are devoted to dog rescue and rehabilitation and this shared passion is a mission and purpose that fuels our love and commitment (in addition to each other, of course!) We work with several local rescue groups and have a special place in our heart for saving death row dogs. For us, there is no better feeling in life than knowing a living being is free of suffering and is safe.

Neal D

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is I am on the Faculty of the Celebrant Foundation & Inst. and have earned two Diplomas of Celebrancy from this prestigious East Coast institution. I come to this work with a big and sensitive heart. I possess an open-minded, inclusive and curious nature and a life philosophy that is spiritual in nature with love and kindness at its center.

Kelly H

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is My devotion to each couple is the cornerstone of my work. I am best suited for a couple who recognizes their ceremony is the “heart” of their wedding day. This is also a couple who invests a little more for the comfort and assurance of knowing they are engaging an experienced, skilled and devoted Celebrant who is passionate about a sweetly designed ceremony. I often receive appreciation for the time and care I offer, no matter if the guest list is two people or 200 guests.

Matthew M

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is What I Know For Sure
Instead of a dry and predictable life bio, here is what I truly want you to know about me as a Graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute. I love this work. It is such an honor for me as a Celebrant to share in a couple’s ceremony on a wedding day. For more than 9 years, I have worked with couples of all faiths and traditions (religious, spiritual, secular) as an ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Celebrant, traveling throughout the Seattle/Puget Sound area and Washington State. This work is all about cherishing a couple and celebrating a unique and loving relationship in the form of a gift – a personalized ceremony. For almost a decade, I have lovingly crafted, created and delivered on average, 160-180 wedding ceremonies annually.

Eric A

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Becoming a celebrant has been not only a meaningful experience, but a meaningful vocation. After graduation I began in 2005 and quickly developed my practice so that I am now working full-time as a celebrant. Being self-employed and utilizing my skills, along with the knowledge gained through study at the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, has been truly life-changing. What an amazing way to be a part of life's important milestones, in a way that really works for people, as well as earn a living. You just can't ask for more.

Ellen C

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is “It's hard for me to even begin to explain the impact that CF&I has had on my life. In 2007, when I began the courses, I was unhappy in my current career path and felt stuck. Little did I know that by 2009, I would be able to quit my full-time job and be a full time Life-Cycle Celebrant. It's been nearly four years since my graduation from CF&I, and I still cannot believe how lucky I am to get to do something that I love. For so many of us, Celebrancy is not just a job or a title - it is truly a vocation that speaks to our hearts, a piece of us that we can share with others through our practices - and, at the same time, a viable business model that feels a much needed niche in our society and our culture.”

Chris C

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Kim Kirkley, NY & NJ Celebrant

“I am delighted to write this letter sharing how the Celebrant Foundation and Institute has enriched my life.

Without the Celebrant Foundation and Institute (“CFI”), I don’t know who or where I would be. I do know that being a Celebrant has helped me to create a life full of joy, authenticity and service. I was in the first class of Celebrants trained through CFI and the first to become a full-time Celebrant. It is impossible for me to say how significantly the CFI has changed my life. Before becoming a Celebrant I was a very unhappy lawyer and at a loss as to how I could create a life that served me and my community. When I found out about this way to serve people through ceremony, I instantly knew that it was for me.

Mark M

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Adam Phillips, NY Life-Cycle Celebrant
The practice of Celebrancy requires what are, for me, a perfect storm of passions and skills -- community building and celebration, writing, an intense and valued reason to relate to people at a turning point in their lives and the opportunity to aid and support them in their transformations, a dash of theatrics and public speaking, and a way to make a decent living, at least as an avocation. The Celebrant Foundation and Institute has been my primary enabler on this path. From their training and advocacy work, to the resources the Foundation provides, and the active collegiality and teamwork the organization both offers and encourages, I will always be grateful to these pioneers.

Scott R

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is This was my third course and I've learned, grown, made wonderful friends and have an exciting new aspect to my life. THANK YOU CINDY & CELEBRANT FOUNDATION & INSTITUTE

Bal H

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Thank you for all your thoughtful guidance and feedback. Now as I come to a finish I find myself hungry for more. The course has brought me to a place where I have a new level of questions. I suppose this is where our own searching and fellowship with fellow celebrants comes in You have crafted a program that evolved me to this point, again thank you. Best, absolutely the best.