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Bal H

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Thank you for all your thoughtful guidance and feedback. Now as I come to a finish I find myself hungry for more. The course has brought me to a place where I have a new level of questions. I suppose this is where our own searching and fellowship with fellow celebrants comes in You have crafted a program that evolved me to this point, again thank you. Best, absolutely the best.

Josh K

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is If I was attending the graduation with you all I would be hugging my teacher Lamira right now! This past year was a blessing in many ways and my celebrant classes were part of that blessing. Like others, celebrancy was new to me and just what I was looking for! Or maybe just what was looking for ME! I am grateful for the program; grateful for Cindy Reed, who kept saying yes to all my questions; grateful for my classmates because I learned so much from you all; grateful for Lamira as instructor extraordinaire, who shared her knowledge and expertise and wisdom with generosity, humor and support. Congratulations to all of us!

Ryan P

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is My Celebrant graduation was THE MOST INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE that I have ever witnessed or participated in!!!!! I kept saying to my husband, I can't believe that they're doing all of this for us! It was a wonderful time throughout the entire 3 days. How amazing to be in such an atmosphere! Talking with classmates and colleagues the entire time!!!! To me, one of the most moving rituals was the living archway of teachers and alumni that we passed through at the end of the ceremony. The entire experience I cherish to this day! I passionately and proudly say, I am a Celebrant! I am grateful to have made and strengthened friendships that I feel will last throughout my life. Although we are states away, we communicate on a regular basis by email, cards and sometimes lengthy phone calls. We ask for and share with each other elements and rituals that we need or have performed. The education provided by the foundation is impeccable and should be followed explicitly!!!

Matt B

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is Thank you so much for your support and guidance throughout this journey. It has certainly given me a holistic picture of a way that I can pull on all my strengths from the past to create something new for the future. I'm looking forward to figuring out where to go from here.

Bryan S

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is On his recent wedding he performed... I found that what I learned from my teacher Peggy Lewis and the Institute made this a completely different ceremony compared to my first wedding, back in September. It was so much fun working with the couple, finding out all about them, and then seeing how much everyone enjoyed the ceremony. I am so excited about being able to bring this kind of meaning and joy into the lives of others in the future. The bride and groom were just ecstatic about the ceremony, and were thrilled to get a special transcript of the ceremony as a keepsake. Thank you for all you have taught me, and for how you have helped me to be more the person that I was meant to be!

Sean C

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is I am amazed at how in such a short time our study group has developed the sense of safety and trust with each other to share the stories and moments of pain/change/growth of our lives. It sets this class apart as being more than just a handing out of information as in traditional classes. This class has become in itself a transformational process and a feeding of one's soul.

Mike H

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is It exceeded my expectations and I am grateful for the experience. Even if I wasn't going to become a celebrant, I believe this past year has enriched my life and had a significant impact. It has expanded my understanding of ritual and ceremony and the role they can play in our individual, family and community lives to enhance our relationships and connections to one another, as well as increase our self-awareness. Thank you so much for all of your efforts to create and sustain this opportunity.

Gary O

Celebrant Foundation And Institute in Montclair is I'm not only extremely excited to now be a practicing Celebrant, but incredibly CONFIDENT in my vocation - and it's because of the support of my classmates, instructor and the Celebrant Foundation. I honestly cannot thank you enough. I'm incredibly pleased with my investment.

Jessica NJ 2008