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2206 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California, 90007-2049

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South Los Angeles (south Central)


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Arnold M

I have undergone root canal treatment at Crystal Dental. Everyone knows how tough to go through this process. D.Alex and his team are fantastic. They have been very caring, polite and well mannered. I am glad I have chosen Crystal Dental.

Joshua Q

Awesome Treatment!!! Never thought that my first visit to a dentist would be happy. Thanks a lot and recommend them.

Avery L

I was having broken tooth and due to which I was suffering from severe pain of late. When I contacted Crystal Dental for checkup, the dentist advised me a plan of treatment which consists of root canal filling and dental implant. Every thing went on smoothly and now I am back to my old good days. Great!!!

Sue Z

I had decay teeth at right side of my mouth and visited crystal dental for treatment. Dr.Alex checked my teeth and suggested for Crowns. After removing deceased part of the teeth he completed treatment with crowns. Now I am happy after crown treatment. Thanks a lot Doc.

Becky J

I went to this clinic for dental implants upon a friends recommendation. I had a major accident in which I lost 3 tooth. I fixed up an appointment and arrived on time. Waiting time was under 5 mins and Dr. Mike examined my tooth and asked a few questions. then he explained the procedure and after taking my informed consent, he started the procedure. he drilled my teeth after giving anesthesia and cleaned the area. Then he installed the post upon which a crown is fixed. Since they look like natural teeth, I dont have to be conscious every tie i speak or smile. Never thought that implants will bring back my smile... but they did.

Harris J

I shifted to LA recently and did not know any dentist there. Then I looked in yelp and went to this clinic based on the reviews. Must say the clinic was super clean and the staff very professional. Since I took the appointment, waiting time was under 5 min and the doc was super cool. He checked my teeth did cleaning. He gave me few tips reg dental hygiene....Thanks doc, oh yes..I am following your tips and they are really helpful.