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Florence A

I am sitting here, looking at my new Basswood hardwood shutters. They are truly beautiful. We picked a wood finish to make them really stand out in our home which has dark wood accents throughout. These are heavy duty shutters, not the flimsy junk we saw from other shutter companies (not to mention, but they rhyme with 3 day blinds). My kids told all their friends, hey look at our fancy new shutters and one of their parents already called and stopped by to look. I think she is going to call Danmer custom shutters Concord for some of her own. I wonder if I get a finder’s fee..haha?

Mark J

Danmer Concord has great quality shutters and blinds
I’ve had lots of problems with the blinds from other companies I’ve had installed in my home, but with Danmer Concord custom window blinds, they honestly never break. I’ve also had shutters installed and they are wonderful.

Catherine P

I never have a problem with my shutters from Danmer Concord.

My old shutters always had issues, but after a friend told me about her satisfaction with Danmer Concord , I decided to upgrade and have never had a problem with these shutters. Amazing.

Clarence F

Impressed with Danmer Custom Shutters Concord, they delivered more than I expected
I ordered the Interior Wood shutters from Danmer Concordand I was very happy with the products but I didn’t expect to have an amazing customer experience from the installer as well. Every step of the process was memorable and I will encourage everyone I know to become a customer.


Great Shutters and easy process from Danmer Custom Shutters in Concord
The blueprinting and shutters installation were great - the salesperson was new so he was the weakest link but I still made the purchase - the whole house now looks beautiful!!!


We visited Danmer Custom Shutters Concord center, because they are close to us, and saw their Concord showroom and that helped us to decide to use them. Plus, they are local and we like supporting local businesses. We had them install two rather large shutters in our house, one for a large window and a sliding shutter in our dining room. They provided excellent customer service and high quality products. We are very happy with the results and would absolutely use Danmer Shutters again.


Danmer Custom Shutters Concord were very good. The man who came to do the shutters installation was very competent. He did a great job and I am very satisfied. I would definitely use Danmer Shutters again.


Danmer Custom Shutters Concord
There are other shutter companies out there, and I have had my share of bad experiences, but Danmer Shutters Concord really keeps their word. The prices are fair, and their service is exceptional. If you come with any questions or concerns they will answer them, and they make their customers comfortable. They feel like family. They are personable and friendly with service to back it up.