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Bennett N

Our daughter was similar to every other user, and would deny up and down that she had a problem with addiction, and refused to go into rehab till her life was basically ruined. With the assistance of Drug Rehab Columbus, we got her into a very good detox facility before sending her to rehab. We kind of expected it, but immediately our daughter was breaking the rules, defying the employees, and complaining about pretty much everything. Even though it sounds terrible, this is how we knew that she was on the right path. She was defiant and in denial, however the staff wouldn't stand for that. She would threaten to run away or walk out, although she knew that there was nowhere to go. The employees at Drug Rehab Columbus never gave up on her. After a couple of family visitation weekends, we were starting to notice a change in her. We got the feeling that the employees at Drug Rehab Columbus actually cared, and went out of their way to assist her even when she fought them. Even though our daughter continues to work for her recovery, I would recommend Drug Rehab Columbus to anybody whose child needs help.