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Dimetrious E

Easy Leasing is terrible. I went there to get a new car and i had a specific color combination that i wanted (interior and exterior). When i told them what i wanted they told me they couldnt find it and i would have to wait 3 months. I waited 4 months and the car finally came in the WRONG interior color!! When I told them i dont want this and asked them how long it would take for the color i wanted. The owner told me that he did not want to deal with this anymore because it was a headache for him. He had my deposit and said this is all he can do for me.

AND at the end of everything he changed the price on me at the end about 3 times and i paid $50 more a month than what we initially agreed upon.

Terrible business people and I had a horrible experience. I am never going back there again i would urge anyone who is considering them to not use them. I spent alot of money with them and they showed no professionalism and no courtesy to me or my situation. A complete mess-up!