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solly l

Now there was some wonderful news waiting for me. TDN was able to help me get into a category with the IRS that considers me to be non collectable. Here I am, in my car in a parking lot, and I feel like I have to tell the world about this. It's about 100 degrees outside and I have the windows closed so I don't get distracted as I'm just feeling such a sense of relief with what they've been able to accomplish for me.

I never lost optimism in TDN and I've heard of all these huge deals that some of these alternative companies have - saying they can get you a small percentage of what you owe and all this stuff, but you don't see that advertised by TDN. They were always able to help me and give me the information I needed in order to feel confident that the job was being done, and done well. This is clearly what they know how to do. Just amazing. I was very fearful of the IRS, but I'm no longer worried.