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ronald k

I was so overpowered previously previous to me finding TDN. They were capable enough to obtain a settlement with the IRS that is requesting me to pay nothing back monthly. I'm sitting here in a car in a parking lot, it's about 100 degrees and I have the windows closed so I would not be distracted and I'm just so overwhelmed with what TDN was able to do for me.

I never lost confidence in TDN and I've heard of all these excessive deals that some of these other companies have - saying they can get you a small percentage of what you owe and all this stuff, but you don't see that advertised by TDN. They've been able to work behind the scenes as they know best what needs to be done to help someone in my situation. I know that after everything was said and done, the money that I paid for the service was well worth it because they know what they are doing. Just amazing. I was very fearful of the IRS, but I'm no longer worried.