Naughty Or Nice

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828 Main St, Lewiston, Idaho, 83501

Phone number

(208) 746-7160


Retail Shopping > Antiques


Donna M

Naughty Or Nice in Lewiston is the best adult store that has ever been in this valley. The prices are low just like in Spokane and the customer service is great and they were able to answer all of my questions. I love the fact that they have a wall of pictures from the shoplifters that they have caught saying what they stole. Hillarious, more businesses should do that! I hope this one stays as all the others have been a joke and never had a selection like this store.

patty s

Naughty Or Nice in Lewiston is a hell hole. I have never been more creeped out by the guy in there. Looked like a guy that was just waiting for me to try and do something. He watched a screen the whole time and come to find out... it was cameras. I hope there is a better place in town but good god I'd drive to Spokane before I'd support such a grease ball and he stinks... date night my but the place was so expensive... Naughty Or Nice .. no.. more like Never Again!!!!!!!!!! -Patty