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jensin b

I am a business man person and i have need to travel in different countries for my business deals one of my friend had a deal with timestravel and he told me that the are really good in travel deals they provide me very cheap and good deals to flew in different countries then i had a deal with them which was i found fine keep doing good work timestravel.

shonaye J

Travel is my passion and i love to travel in different countries and i had done many deals with travel companies for making my travel peace-full then someone told me about timestravel that they giving very cheap and good travel deals then i met with this company and it was really good they provide me the cheap deal like i want and i enjoyed their services i must say thanks to timestravel for giving me cheap and good travel deal.

parker J

I have done alot of travel deals with different tarvel companies but i had found timestravel best in all deals of travel they can give you any kind of cheap deal that u need and their work proccess was really good then others.According to me my travel deal awesome kind of cheap and good.I can say about timestravel they can make your travel memorable and peace-full good work timestravel thanku.

rebica F

Hi i had also done a travel deal with timestravel that was such a cool and cheapest deal that they provide me i had traveld from London to Lahore.I really enjoyed their cheap deal and my travel was very peace full thanks TimesTravel.

Adward P

Best work i sawi had travel with times travel this company was realy good i had found.They provided very cheap flight to me from China to London i had realy enjoyed their services they made my jurney very memorable and they are made your deal realy cheap and good thanks TimesTravel.

Saira J

long stay holiday

Booked the holiday via the internet I felt the price was right for the hotel I booked, no problems with the paperwork,and the staff handled any queries I had via the telephone and E Mail quickly and efficiently,very satisfied with Times Travel and the Palm Beach Hotel.

Saira Jack
New York.

Alina T

Best Service Ever

The service and the communication from Times Travel was fantastic, easy to call and talk to someone who was happy to deal with my enquiry quickly and efficiently. Happy friendly staff would totally recommend all my friends and family to use Times Travel next time they are thinking of going on holiday, best by fare. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who works for the company.

Maria F

No hassle arrangements

Our booking with Times Travel was made with ease and their online Service was good and easy to find - holiday confirmation, flight details, hotel voucher and bus transfer - the latter service was very good. Flight confirmation email from Thomas Cook was sent on via Times Travel several weeks before departure with clear instructions. We do doubt the 4 star grading provided to La Geria hotel - we found the hotel adequate but not brilliant. The room we were first shown was tucked away in a corner and at ground level - we managed to get a first floor room, but it was mentioned by the reception staff that the first room reflected the cost paid by Times Travel. perhaps Times Travel ought to offer on line different room quality with a reflected price. Tried to check in online with Tomas Cook but unless you pay for a seat choice online check in is denied - we believe an extra £30 to select a seat is not worth it.

Maria A

Well done again Times Travel!!! Lost count of the number of times I have used your excellent service and, you have never let me down. Your booking procedure is the most straightforward I have come across and I have recommended you many, many times to friends. I have tried to recall anything that has been to my dislike, but haven't managed to come up with anything that could be regarded as Times Travel fault. Looking forward to booking my next trip.

Times T

I flew with times travel on the last day of the Times Travel. It was very exciting despite being a little nervous before the flight from Pakistan. As we took off, I waved to the crowds below and everybody cheered...someone said it's like being royalty. With pilot Allan we drifted low over the tree tops of Leigh woods, then up to 3500 feet I believe, we saw the fabulous sunset sunshine on the estuary. Allan pointed out places of local interest and we flew rather low over concord at london airport. We landed at golf course and helped pack up the balloon. It is an experience of a lifetime and well worth the long wait and the cancellations due to bad weather. I would like to thank the pilot Allan, George and Terry the crew and all at times travel for making this memorable. Very cheap flight from Pakistan.