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Riviera Fitness Center

Enjoy the cardio cinema in Riviera Fitness Center. You will feel relaxed while machine is working on for your cardio. It's watching a movie while exercising at the same time. So you will really thought you're not doing the hard way working out for...more

Riviera Fitness Center

for a complete work -out, add Riviera fitness Center's yoga class. yoga never fails to calm the inner senses giving you that zen feeling in and out. this will give you more energy or renewed your exisitng ones so that you can do more and better...more

Riviera Fitness Center

burn calories using the offered courses at Riviera Fitness Center. choose between steps, group cycling, weights, hip hop and zumba. they also offer other exercise that will not only let you burn calroies and fats, but help you flush out those...more

Riviera Fitness Center

Riviera Fitness Center in Midfield is offering free use of weights to better strengthen and shape your muscles. the stronger it gets, the better it can support the body. they also have group cycling which can also give you a healthier body and...more

Riviera Fitness Center

get the best fitness program from the best fitness center--Riviera fitness Center. all their branches are well equip with machines and weights that you are free to use. they will advise you on the best kind of machines that you can useto better...more

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