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Come to a free introduction!! A method of Subtraction~ We hold introductions open to everyone every Saturday at 5pm. It lasts about an hour and is very informative and interesting. If you would like to arrange another time just give us a call. Maum Meditation uses a logical and unique method to subtract the human mind which is an accumulation of pictures from the past. The human mind is always changing and is always trying to add more desirable experiences and conditions. There is no end to this addition, so it is a stressful and busy mind. The way to find peace and clarity is to know the original mind, the universe mind, by consciously taking the time to subtract the past that has been recorded and stored within the body and mind. Nothing but the baggage and stresses in the mind are lost in this process. Then one's mind will be at peace regardless of conditions. It is the mind where there is no more ups and downs. There is nothing more valuable than one's mind. It shapes the entire world that one knows. Thanks you!!

Maum Meditation
2821 Telegraph Ave, Ste 102, Berkeley, California, 94705
(510) 526-5121

Deal code: cs-19929428-27945

i Yellow Taxi

i Yellow Taxi
1300 hearst avenue, Berkeley, California, 94702
(510) 652-5106

Deal code: cs-19853898-19934


1809B 4th st, Berkeley, California, 94710
(510) 649-9759

Deal code: cs-15576564-11753

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Maum Meditation

I love this meditation! I've been practicing this for several months and have had a lot of mental and health changes from this meditation. I have much more energy than before and feel happy all the time. Maum Meditation made me look back my life,...more
Holly J

Maum Meditation

This meditation center is great! The method that is practiced here is so much more effective than anything I have ever tried. It is called the method of subtraction. I have been practicing for a few months now and the enlightenment that comes from...more
Nathan K

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