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Nasty Tattoos

Nasty Tattoos is the best place to go to make your first tattoo! I went there few years ago and I was amazed how patient the tatooist was with me - he made pauses every time it was too painful for me and after he was done he explained me...more

Nasty Tattoos

I`ve been thinking for a tattoo for a while and asking for a referral. One of my best friends referred me to Nasty Tattoos in Los Banos, CA so I decided to go there. My first and only one tattoo for now, it is exactly what I wanted. Once again...more

Nasty Tattoos

I love this place. So I`ve only had my nose piercing changed out here, but they are so friendly, so hygienic, so incredible, that if I were to ever get a tattoo I would fly across the country to get it done.

Nasty Tattoos

All in all, great experience, friendly artists, thorough instructions for aftercare, and even a free touch-up was offered! Extremely clean and you don`t feel rushed at all. Thank you Nasty Tattoos!!!

Nasty Tattoos

Thank you again got the utterly inspired sugar skull you did on my arm at Nasty Tattoos. You are a consummate professional and a gifted artist. Thank you for the BEST tattoo experience I have ever had.

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10% Off STD Testing for New Customers.

STD Testing Los Banos
242 I St, Los Banos, California, 93635
(800) 805-3602

Deal code: cs-19960800-35902


Charles E Baker
18321 Canyon Rd, Los Banos, California, 93625
(209) 826-4751

Deal code: cs-19866008-21945