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Dr. Robert Puff PHD

Thank you so much Dr Puff. I would recommend these podcasts to everyone. They have really changed my way of thinking. Most importantly this has been a real jump start to meditation and every day I see more positive benefits in how I live my life....more

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good service

Loanry Store

Buying a car was my dream but was hard for me. I decided to try loanry to see if they can provide me one. It was beyond my imagination that the processes are that easier and quick. thanks to Loanry!

Loanry Store

I was in need of medical financing and was really tensed about that, then got to know about Loanry. They are super organized and friendly. Best Loan agency I have ever experienced.

Dr. Robert Puff PHD

just now I was nervous about therapy/counseling but Dr. Robert Puff (Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach) had a very relaxed approach and I felt comfortable quickly. Even if you find it hard to talk, I think these counseling sessions are...more

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