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Sara Alexander MFT

Very neat and kind relationship counselor! She have amazing skills and experience, help to people with very deep passion.. The words aren't enough to say how pleased I am from her! She is amazing woman and nothing can't stop her to do the best for...more

Sara Alexander MFT

I would recommend Sara Alexander MFT to anyone who is looking for a therapist who is easy to talk to, calming and empowering at the same time.

Sara Alexander MFT

I have to say that Sara Alexander MFT was so helpful when I needed help with my girlfriend. In the last few weeks I just couldn`t communicate with her and everything was going to end with a break up, but thanks to Sara Alexander MFT, we are over...more

Sara Alexander MFT

I`ve received advice from Sara Alexander MFT three times, and each time came away feeling re-energized in my commitment to the natural, attachment parenting philosophy. Thanks for offering such a valuable service and for helping to make the world...more

Sara Alexander MFT

I have 32 years experience helping clients develope communication skills that enable them to have happier, more fullfilling relationships.

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