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We have worked with PC HealthTech for over a year and have found that they are very knowledgeable and helpful. When we needed to purchase a new computer, they was very helpful in advising us on the appropriate hardware to purchase. Their ability...more


A big thanks to PC HealthTech for the installation and relocation of our servers. Everything is now nicely organized and virtually problem-free. They also handle the remote backup of our data and offer remote service calls. Great job guys!


I play first person shooters online and these guys optimized my system to run lag free. Also upgraded my video card and RAM, Also removed a ton on spyware and adware from my computer, that`s probably why it was running slow in the first place....more


PC HealthTech are great guys because they are very punctual about time. Whenever any type of problems create in my computers they will came and solve the issues at very cheap price.


G-Tools had a service tech call me back withing 15 minutes of calling them. Tech was able to talk me through the issue I was having, service was not even required. This saved me a lot of money right at Christmas time when it counts the most.

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Wildlife Removal Specialists
1313 Arvidson Dr, Machesney Park, Illinois, 61115
(815) 988-4638

Deal code: cs-19943876-30152