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Chuck Padgett Fence Consulting and Installation

I hired Chuck Padgett Fence Consulting and Installation to install a five foot high chain link fence for my dog kennel. I wanted a fence that had to secure all my dogs and look great at the same time. I am pleased to tell you that Chuck Padgett...more

Jeff Shelton Construction LLC

Thank you , Jeff Shelton Construction LLC, for making my dream bathroom come true.It is so fun to have so much convenience in such a small space: the new 3 way mirror, the shower stall, it is hard to believe that it all fit in that old 2x4...more

Jeff Shelton Construction LLC

Our designer from Jeff Shelton Construction LLC was fabulous at every stage of the bathroom remodeling process. In the beginning we were worried about the mess that would be caused by the demolition of the old bathroom. However, Jeff Shelton...more

Jeff Shelton Construction LLC

From what I heard, Jeff Shelton Construction LLC have been doing this for awhile and you can really tell by their work. The people were pretty skilled and experienced. You can see them work with confidence and in the end, the kitchen turned out...more

Jeff Shelton Construction LLC

The old kitchen consisted of two small rooms - `living` room and kitchen. Jeff Shelton Construction LLC removed the wall between them and created one big space with enough room for everyone. Now I have a wonderful big room for cooking and dining.

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10% Off STD Testing for New Customers.

STD Testing Jasper
1025 1st Ave W, Jasper, Indiana, 47546
(800) 805-3602

Deal code: cs-19960579-35695

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Sunflower Domestics Inc.
683 North Newton Street, Jasper, Indiana, 47546
(812) 536-2252

Deal code: cs-15627218-13360