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Corrales Locksmith

I was going through my junk in my garage and came across some filing cabinets. They were locked and the curiosity of knowing what was in them made me call this place. I'm glad I did they were a great help. They had excellent customer service....more

Locksmith Corrales

I needed to repair a couple doors in my house but wasn't sure where to call. My friend gave me the number to this place. They were a great help, their customer service was excellent. Their prices were very reasonable.

Locks & Locksmiths

My house gate wouldn't open, I called this Locksmith and they repaired it in no time. Their customer service was great and so were their prices.

Corrales Locksmith

My mom has been wanting to get locks around her house and new keys because she's scared that her ex husband will come back. Thanks to you guys, she's not scared and she finally feels safe at her own home. Thank you guys! Thank you so much! Much...more

Locksmith Corrales

Contacting you guys once was enough for me. I will definitely recommend you guys to family and friends. Amazing work, great customer service. Everything went great! Thanks again guys!

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Corrales Locksmith
3 Noble Ln Corrales, Corrales, New Mexico, 87048
(505) 796-4506

Deal code: cs-19951645-31569

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Locksmith Corrales
5 Hansen Rd, Corrales, New Mexico, 87048
(505) 221-5158

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Locks & Locksmiths
110 E La Entrada, Corrales, New Mexico, 87048
(505) 466-5396

Deal code: cs-19951642-31567