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Edgewood Locksmith

I was in need of safe but didn't know exactly where to go to get one. As I was driving home I came across this Locksmith and a friend told me that they might sell them there so I stopped by. They had great deals and their customer service was great.

Locksmith Edgewood

I needed to get a new sliding door lock for the back of my house but wasn't to sure where I could find them. A friend gave me the number to this locksmith and they were a great help. They had excellent customer service.

Locks & Locksmiths

I locked myself out of my apartment and I gave these locksmiths a call. They were a great help and were at my place in no time. Their customer service is great and so are their prices. They are very professional and skilled at what they do.

Edgewood Locksmith

I came home last night to my side gate wide open. I don't know why, no one opens it but me so someone must have entered. I just want to say thank you for sending a technician this morning, he was a lot of help. Great customer service and very...more

Locksmith Edgewood

Finding my old safe box which held all my Major League Baseball cards was the best part of my day until i noticed i didn't have the key. I had no time to look for it so once i got to you guys, you already knew you could help which was great! I...more

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Get $5 off any locks service you need. For questions call 505-796-6074.

Edgewood Locksmith
17 Plaza Loop, Santa Fe South, New Mexico, 87015
(505) 796-6074

Deal code: cs-19951662-31572

Receive 15% OFF!! One coupon per customer. So call us now 505-240-6957.

Locksmith Edgewood
10 Edgewood 7, Santa Fe South, New Mexico, 87015
(505) 240-6957

Deal code: cs-19951659-31571

One coupon per customer and receive 10% off. Give us a call 505-633-8006!

Locks & Locksmiths
7 Walker Rd, Santa Fe South, New Mexico, 87015
(505) 633-8006

Deal code: cs-19951657-31570


Mighty Western Furniture
5 Western Overlook, Santa Fe South, New Mexico, 87540
(505) 466-1241

Deal code: cs-19883920-23195