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Ridgewood Locksmith

Yesterday I was having this littler dinner for my sons birthday. My husband was up and down getting things ready and I guess when he walked out to throw the trash he didn't notice that the door was locked and locked himself out. He called me, but...more

24hr Locksmith

Every morning I wake up early to go for a jog before work. This morning I left without grabbing my keys, silly me!! Thankfully my neighbors were up and called this locksmith for me. Thank you guys for making this a quick process and affordable.

#1 Ridgewood Locksmith

HORRIBLE!! I walked out of my house to get the mail and left the water running in the sink and I lock my self out.. I was panicking, didn't know what to do. I got on my phone right away and came across this locksmith company and I gave them a call...more

Annas cleaning service

Annas Cleaning Service in Ridgewood, Queens is

Ridgewood Locksmith

All my family decided to go to the zoo,but I was rushing because I was late. I accidently dropped my car keys, and I couldn't find them. So, I called Locksmith to get new keys, they did an incredible job. I highly recommend you Locksmith services.

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Ridgewood Internet Providers

Ridgewood Providers
1814 Street, Queens, New York, 11385

Deal code: cs-20186441-46158

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Cheap Johns $39.95 Sewer Drain Cleaning
80-32 57th Street, Queens, New York, 11385
(347) 329-8823

Deal code: cs-20136401-44419

$5 Off any service of $50 or more. Call right now 347-220-8801.

Ridgewood Locksmith
6142 Central Ave, Queens, New York, 11385
(347) 220-8801

Deal code: cs-19965027-37511

Use this 15% special discount on any service you get with us. Call us for more info 347-220-8738.

24hr Locksmith
7130 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, New York, 11385
(347) 220-8738

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We will take $10 off your first service of $90. Call us at 347-220-8714.

#1 Ridgewood Locksmith
6087 Myrtle Ave, Queens, New York, 11385
(347) 220-8714

Deal code: cs-19965025-37509