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These guys are awesome! I needed some antique locks and on my way to my cousins house I stopped by this locksmith. They have a variety to choose from at reasonable prices. Their customer service is excellent!

Oakmont Locksmith

My grandma wanted to repair a couple locks around her house and she asked me to look up locksmiths for her. This one caught my eye so I gave you guys a call. Within minutes a technician arrived and got the job done. Your prices are reasonable and...more

Locks & Locksmiths

I needed to change the lock to my front door and you guys did a great job. You guys arrived within minutes of calling and got the job done. Your customer service is great and your prices are reasonable!

Direct Lock-Master

Direct Lock-Master in Oakmont is great. I do renovations on houses, and always find this company handy whenever I need to replace old locks on doors. They don't charge me as much as others, so I don't end up charging my customers a whole lot more...more

Locksmith Oakmont

burgers and fun times. At the end of the day, we're packing up to go, get to the car and no one has the keys. I tried retracing my steps and digging up the sand where we were but nothing. When i came back to the car, my wife had just got off the...more

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Direct Lock-Master
1215 Hulton Road, Oakmont, Pennsylvania, 15139
(412) 226-6175

Deal code: cs-19842169-16086