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Meineke Car Care Center

About a year ago, this Meineke changed a thermostat in my truck. Shortly after that, my heater quit working. This was due to the fact that they introduced air into the water lines during that change, but didn't properly remove the air from the...more

Pampered Pups

The guys at Pampered Pups are awesome professionals. They are all very careful and they give the best cuts for both cats and dogs ( I have only a dog, but the cats I`ve seen there look great too). It`s an absolutely amazing place.

Pampered Pups

We have been a customers with Pampered Pups for 2 years or longer, they are the VERY BEST. When I tell my dogs they are going to Pampered Pups, they go crazy, they love it. If anyone is looking for a great groomer I would recommend Pampered Pups...more

Pampered Pups

We have our Golden Retriever groomed here, she always comes out looking lovely and clean. What we like so much is not seeing her dead fur all over the floor for weeks afterwards and seeing her feathers after they have been trimmed. We find it very...more

Pampered Pups

My dog looks excellent now and I can see how happy it is because of the short hair he has now. Everything was done perfectly without my dog even make a single sound, and believe me it always does when you cut its hair.

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