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Get creative Russian Toys for Kids
230 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 11235, USA, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(718) 332-7502

Deal code: cs-20209359-46816


Give Russian Gifts to Your Friends
230 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 11235, USA, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(718) 332-7502

Deal code: cs-20208637-46794

Law Office of Alla Kachan, PC

Law Office of Alla Kachan, PC
415 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(718) 513-7185

Deal code: cs-20060980-40596

Dietary supplements

Apteka Store
2957 Brighton 1st St, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(412) 486-4582

Deal code: cs-19928939-27853


Five Star Spa & Beauty Center
424 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(718) 332-0655

Deal code: cs-19888752-24494

Latest reviews

Sorkin Leonid MD

Totally indebted to this man. Dr Sorkin was always so positive and insightful. He is always ready to offer advice and always ready to guide his patients in the best direction. I have never met anyone with his wisdom and witty sense of humor. I...more
Margaret Grissom J

Sorkin Leonid MD

Dr Leonid Sorkin an excellent doctor by all means. Very knowledgeable, thorough, to the point, really listens to his patients and doesn't waste time. He delivered my daughter by c-section and all went smoothly. He was there for me all the way. And...more
Monica Dewald B

Brighton Bazaar

I was the customer of BB until July 2,2012. This is my husband's birthday, and I bought the cake Praga there. This cake my husband's Mother used to bake on his birthday. It actually was nostalgy, I wanted to bring Mother spirit to the birthday...more
Svetlana Y

Leon Nitkin, MD

Great OBGYN. Really knows his stuff and helped my wife through her pregnancy. She continues to go to Dr. Nitkin for advice, as well as regular check-ups. He is a doctor who really cares about his patients, and I am happy that my wife feels the...more
James D

Jane J. Nadelson, Esq

I was referred to the Law Office of Jane J. Nadelson, Esq by a friend . I can not be more pleased with the service I received. My case was handled exactly as I had hoped. She was very attentive, addressed my concerns and did a great job in court!!...more
Bobby T