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#1 Locksmith
115 Westminster Rd, Brooklyn, New York, 11218
(347) 220-8781

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Locksmith Prospect Park South
1238 Albemarle Rd, Brooklyn, New York, 11218
(347) 220-8740

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Prospect Park South Locksmith
100 Argyle Rd, Brooklyn, New York, 11218
(347) 220-8719

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#1 Locksmith

I gave them a call and they showed up in 20 minutes! No time at all! Thanks!
Jon H

#1 Locksmith

Lets start by saying that my wife was truly amazed and happy with your guy's work!! She hardly gets happy when we spend money lol I'm glad I found a company that meets her standards
Matt Z

Locksmith Prospect Park South

I was hoping to have a great day since it was my day off. I took my kids to the playground that they have here in our apartments. I put my keys down in the bench mean while I went to push my daughter in the swing. Out of no where this group of...more
Pete S

Prospect Park South Locksmith

I wasn't having such a great day, and to top it off I locked my keys inside of my car. I picked up my phone, gave this company a call and the technician they sent out to me arrived shortly after I hung up with the dispatcher.
Judith B

#1 Locksmith

My brother bought a motorcycle, but this morning we couldn't find the keys. So, I contacted Locksmith to get new keys, they did a great job. I highly recommend you Locksmith services.
daniela a