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Roseanna S

I've gone through about 4 hardwood installers in some previous renovations, and Factory Direct Floor is the best of the bunch by far. Very competitive pricing, and incredible flexibilty and accomodation. I changed the schedule on this at the last minute multiple times, and they never complained. My final change was to ask for installation ASAP, and their crew was here the next day. The crew itself was very clean, professional, did an excellent job and even advised me on a few small things I could to fix up some other minor finishing issues around my house. An easy and whole whole hearted recommendation!

Shalanda H

I want to thank Factory Direct Floor, and more specifically, for all the help with my Hardwood Floor Refinishing project. I had three different flooring companies quote me. They were most professional person I dealt with. They were very knowledgeable, and helpful making suggestions I hadn't thought of. The job started on time, and finished early! I highly recommend Factory Direct Floor!

Janett K

We wanted engineered hardwood in our kitchen. Went to more than 10 stores, but Factory Direct Floor had the best selection, good prices and not too pushy. We had done our research but that didn't stop other store owners from strongly shoving their opinions on us. Factory Direct Floor was the perfect balance between informed and focused on our needs as customers. We had our floors installed by our contractor and they look great!

Buddy B

As I only needed the product and not the installation, I was nervous I wouldn't get the best service or price. At Factory Direct Floor this was not the case as the service was exceptional and they gave me great advice, especially when it came to my stairs. You could tell that all they care about is the final result and will be honest with you to help you get there. They are not it it to squeeze you for a couple dollars. It was a pleasure working with them.

Janett K

We are extremely satisfied with the work that Factory Direct Floor did for us. From our first meeting to the completion of the installation, the Factory Direct Floor team were top notch - extremely professional, the work was performed in a timely manner, and the owners are very personable and answered all of our questions up front. If we need any additional work done on our home, we will not hesitate to use them in the future.

Fallon S

I received extremely helpful, patient, and friendly advice for kitchen flooring from Factory Direct Floor. They very fine service kept me coming back until all my concerns were addressed and I was able to make an informed decision.

Shalanda H

Factory Direct floor came to us through a recommendation and we were very pleased from the initial contact with Factory Direct floor From measurement to budgeting, their attention to detail and ability to meet our timelines for installation made it easy to deal with Factory Direct floor. The flooring installation was completed ahead of schedule with no surprises. We will be calling Factory Direct floor again without hesitation.

Shawnna V

We were replacing the carpet in two bedrooms in our condo, 10 years old. We had two recommendations to use Factory Direct Floor. This company worked with us all the way through the procedure and I can't say enough good things about this company, their work and assistance in completing this project 100% to our satisfaction.

Felizio C

After far too many shopping trips, we happened upon Factory Direct Floor. It was almost closing time, but they were very patient and knowledgeable about their products. We made an agreement to purchase our enginnered flooring and picked it up today. Again, after hours, but they accommodated us. I would highly recommend this store and their sales staff. They carry high quality products only, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Koren Y

Factory Direct Floor installed my flooring in a very satisfactory and efficient fashion. The condo was sold soon after, but before the new owner took possession it became apparent that there was a manufacturing defect in the new flooring and it would have to be replaced under warranty. Factory Direct Floor ladly complied and the new owner got a brand new floor.